So glad you stopped by, I’m Karen Valentine.

Tiny MeWhen I was six years old I began to awaken to the presence of God in my life. No booming voices like that of James Earl Jones or visions of a sixty foot Jesus, not that I am opposed to those things, they just didn’t happen to me. From then on we talked, I tried to listen, and we shared some Holy moments.

In my early twenties I began keeping a journal.  As I read some of the older entries again I remember feeling a bit like a spiritual slug back then, not the wise woman I wanted to be  My journey’s been about struggle, change and growth. I’ll bet yours has too.

With the passing of years and some darn passionate discipline, my vantage point has changed, so I have decided to pass along some stories and a little inspiration. These are my observations, from the Holy to the Not So Much.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. They are not all brimming with optimism and light, they are filled with real problems, fears, renewal, hope, revelation, heartbreak, and humor.  I hope they touch you and open your heart. And, if they do please pass them on to someone else.

Perhaps I can help you bypass the “slug” phase. . .

Leave me comments, criticism or suggestions, I appreciate them all.




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  1. You are truly blessed with a gift….to be able to write!!! It seems very fluid. It just poors out of you! I would like to say that it is fun to read, but I know that you are sad now. Just remember that this is a “moment in time” and this too shell pass. You are loved by many and I hope that this knowledge carries you forward.

  2. Karen, so good to catch up on your beautifully written pieces! I enjoy reading them, as your words are so descriptive and honest. Looking forward to more!

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