So glad you stopped by, I’m Karen.

Perhaps life was uncomplicated in the “good ole days,” but it certainly isn’t now. We feel pressure on all fronts, home, career, social, political, and financial. We may find ourselves asking if we are smart enough, attractive enough, healthy enough, resourceful enough-it goes on and on. The last thing we need is pressure to fit into some spiritual box.

My parents were very conservative religiously, and I used to wonder if I could ever be “Holy enough.”

With the passing of years and some darn passionate discipline, I have developed my own spiritual path and practices. My journey has been a disciplined—struggle, with considerable change, growth and wonder along the way.

The path your family and friends take cannot be your path. If it is not authentically your own, the path will crumble beneath you.

Holy, and Not So Much does describe me, in fact, all of us are a bit of both. I invite you to come on in, you’ll find lots of stories and some inspiration. . .

I think you will enjoy these blogs; thank you for taking the time to read them. They run the gamut, humor, heartbreak, dreams, change, friendship, and faith. I hope they touch you and open your heart. And, if they do, please pass them on to someone else.

Leave me comments, criticism or suggestions, I appreciate it all.









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  1. You are truly blessed with a gift….to be able to write!!! It seems very fluid. It just poors out of you! I would like to say that it is fun to read, but I know that you are sad now. Just remember that this is a “moment in time” and this too shell pass. You are loved by many and I hope that this knowledge carries you forward.

  2. Karen, so good to catch up on your beautifully written pieces! I enjoy reading them, as your words are so descriptive and honest. Looking forward to more!

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